Church Events 2022

Sunday 2nd October: 
Blessing of Animals for the Feast of St Francis, Patron of Animals and the Ecology.  This is a short service that everyone can enjoy regardless of your faith or denomination.  Come along, bring your pets and enjoy some fun! 

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th:
Cake sale to raise money for our Golden Jubilee Celebrations next May.  Donation of cakes gratefully received.  Details of ingredients needs to be noted for allergen information.

Sunday 30th October at 12.00pm: 
Blessing of Graves Lentons Lane & Walsgrave Cemeteries.  If you have loved ones buried in either of these cemeteries and would like a blessing for them, come along at noon and stand by the grave. 

Sunday 6th November at 12.00pm:
Blessing of Graves at Windmill Road Cemetery. 

Wednesday 9th November at 6pm: 

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th November after both Masses:
Small Gift Sale.  Please donate any new items that you do not want but which could be useful to others to give as Christmas Gifts.  Come and look around as there are usually many good bargains to picked up for very little money.  All proceeds from the sale go to the homeless for Christmas. 

Sunday 13th November 3pm: Annual Memorial Service.   
We remember our deceased loved ones and especially those who have died in the last year.  Register the name of you loved one to receive a candle with his/her name on.  On the day you can bring a photo to place on the altar with the candle when his/her name is called.  This service is meaningful to anyone who has lost a loved one, not only Catholica, and everyone is welcome.  If you are not a regular parishioner you can register the name with our secretary, Jessica, at secretary.stpatricks.covty@rcaob.org.uk.  

Sunday 18th December immediately after Mass:
Christmas Raffle in aid of our Golden Jubilee Fund.